Meet the Team

  • PREM

    OHA Founder

    Prem partnered with Otter Hockey to form Otter Hockey Asia, to provide premium yet affordable hockey equipment in the Asia- Pacific. Based in Singapore, he has keen interest in promoting the sport of hockey among the masses in Asia-Pacific and beyond.
    He has also partnered with various hockey distributors in Asia to provide a wide range of hockey brands for the hockey lovers.


    OHA Bespoke Designer

    Allan Netto, the “OptimusPrime “on the hockey pitch is the brains and the creative designer of your bespoke team wear. A former Malaysian Youth international, he takes great pride and patience in designing top of range team wear.


    OHA Media

    The man behind the OHA social media. He is skilled in content editing as well as creation. Rohin’s creativeness shines both on the wings of the hockey pitch as well when sitted behind his trusty laptop.